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Location: Infinity Park

About Infinity Park

Infinity Park’s eight-acre campus is located in Glendale, Colorado. It sits on 950 South Birch Street, near the intersection of two major arteries, Colorado Boulevard and Leetsdale Drive. Infinity Park is surrounded by hotels, restaurants, and more, and downtown Denver and the Cherry Creek Shopping Center are a short drive away.

Established in 2007, Infinity Park is a multi-use complex designed to enhance and bring together the Glendale community. A world-class rugby stadium lies at the center and is surrounded by an event center, a sports center, and open spaces.


Physical Address
4599 East Tennessee Avenue
Glendale, Colo. 80246

Mailing Address
950 South Birch Street
Glendale, Colo. 80246


Parking is free and can be found in a number of locations.

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