Youth Rugby Clinics

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Rugby today and rugby tomorrow.

Clinics allow rugby players to receive special evaluation and instruction as they hone their rugby skills. The rugby clinics focus on the four tenets of rugby: tackling, passing, kicking, and conditioning.

  • Location: the Stadium at Infinity Park
  • When: 5-6:30pm
  • Who: Boys and girls, ages 8-18
  • Cost: $20 per clinic, or $100 for all 6


Rugby Kicking Clinic

Next Clinic: April 26

Rugby Kicking Clinic

The Kicking Clinic is designed to focus on teaching the method of kicking out of hand, developing the different styles of kicks, as well as teaching how to mentally focus on accuracy. Players will be instructed on the variety of kicks to include; spiral, drop, place, grubber, chip and up-and-under. Developing different styles of kicks requires mental focus and practice. Over time, improve accuracy by instilling the right techniques.

Rugby Clinics

Next Clinic: May 10

Rugby Skills Clinic – Backline Play

The backs provide the speed, agility and evasiveness required to open up the defense and in many cases to score tries. Backline movements look to search for space and weakness in the defensive back line. We will break down and teach basic backline principals of attack from set piece play and open play. We will then break in to the defensive principals of back line defense, forcing units and covering unit. Finally we will break into position specific play: halfbacks, mid-field and the back three and in combination.

Rugby Forward Play

Next Clinic: May 24

Rugby Skills Clinic – Forward Play, Scrums & Line-outs

The forward pack, with both front row, second row and back row positions, comes with specializations beyond size, strength and power. Join us and improve your forward pack knowledge and technique with special attention to set piece and open play. We will focus on safety and body position in the scrum and the use of proper techniques to insure a safe and enjoyable experience. As with the scrum we will use proper technique in the line-out to emphasize safety in the lift, jump and delivery of the ball and player. Players will learn their roles as forwards in open play based on an attacking pass, catch and run mindset. Finally we will break into position specific play: front row, second row and the back row loose forwards.

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