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High performance coaching.

High Performance Coaching is about helping coaches to improve their abilities and reach their full potential. The intent is to provide ongoing benefits to the coaches who participate in the program. Our goal is to provide opportunities to help coaches in their efforts to develop the next generation of American players.

Great players require great coaches. Take your coaching to a new level by enrolling in the High Performance Coaching Course. The course, developed over time by some of rugby’s top minds, addresses the following topics:

  • Coaching and leadership skills
  • Psychological preparation for peak performance
  • Performance analysis
  • Skill acquisition
  • Physical conditioning to improve performance
  • Advanced attacking skills
  • Advanced defensive skills

The High Performance Coaching Course is designed for coaches that are currently involved with or aspire to coach elite teams. After the course, you will be equipped to design, implement, and monitor a comprehensive program that will empower young players to play to their full potential. Invest in your team’s future by investing in yourself.

Rugby Coaching

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