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Raptors Academy supports rugby’s bright future

by | Aug 11, 2016 | News

Glendale Raptors Rugby Academy

Developing future athletes through the rugby pathway.

The myriad programs offered through the Raptors Academy mean that players of all ages and skill levels have opportunities to experience the passion and prowess of Glendale’s rugby elite, advancing their own skills along the way. With the backing of the long-developed Academy program and its staff, along with the unmatched facilities at Infinity Park, success in the sport seems a foregone conclusion.

As the City of Glendale and the sport of rugby grow together, the GRRA offers community families and youth a focused, skills-driven pathway to from childhood to the highest level of competition. From after-school and summer programs to skills clinics and collegiate-level play, the GRRA fosters the results-driven development of America’s next generation of rugby fans, coaches, and professionals.

The GRRA, in addition to creating exceptional athletes, reinforces rugby’s inclusive nature, its ability to encourage fitness through participation, and its character-developing values of self-discipline, teamwork, and challenge. With the Raptors’ Academy as a foundation for rugby-inspired youth, those values promise to have a lifelong home in Glendale.

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