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Rugby’s star is rising in schools

by | Sep 27, 2016 | Jenna's Blog

Rugby in Schools

The Raptors are excited and committed.

I’ve been working at the City of Glendale since 2008. When I started, one of my biggest goals was to expose the youth of Colorado to the sport that I love. Back then, I had to all but beg the local schools to let us come to their P.E. classes and instruct students about rugby. It was really hard to teach rugby in Denver back then! When I spoke with school faculty and administrators I made sure the first thing I said was, “It’s FREE!” Followed by, “WE DO EVERYTHING!” But the times are changing.

Glendale is of course still running our Raptors in the Schools program, but these days it’s the P.E. teachers calling me! Local schools reach out to the Raptors, asking if we will come and instruct their students in America’s fastest-growing team sport. I still boast that our program is free and that the teachers will get the day off from their regular programming. We come in, take over the class, and always have a ton of fun! Finally, teachers, parents, and kids are voicing their desire to learn about the awesome sport they saw on TV during the Olympics.

When we visit an elementary, middle, or high school, the kids and teachers are learning together. 98% of the students are on the same level of understanding and fitness, which makes it fun for everyone participating. Many teachers haven’t played rugby, nor do they have the training to teach the sport. That’s what the Raptors are for. I make sure throughout our days of instruction that the teachers have thoughtful discussions with the Raptors about how to incorporate rugby into their physical education curriculum.

The best part about rugby for teachers is that all they need are rugby balls. That’s it! Schools already have cones, bibs, and flags. Everything is incredibly affordable at

If you’re a parent or instructor interested in having the Glendale Raptors at your Denver Metro school, contact me to discuss our fall and spring scheduling. Rugby’s star is rising, and today’s youth are tomorrow’s players and fans. The Raptors are excited and committed to making the future of rugby in Colorado bright!

Contact Jenna about rugby in your school.

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