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If you’ve ever been tasked with planning a holiday party, you know how daunting a task that can be. There are a million little details to keep track of, not to mention trying to avoid what Maneesh Goyal, president and founder of experiential-marketing agency MKG, calls “the lame factor.”

Some thoughts to consider:

1. Plan the event at an offsite location that is centrally located.

2. Consider inviting both clients and employees – this will give you the opportunity to mix things up a bit, show both groups your appreciation, and allow for less formal interactions between your staff and clients.

3. Be sure to send out a “Save the Date” once you have selected your venue and date. People get very busy during the holidays, so it is best to get on their calendars early.

4. Once your date and venue are selected, be sure to book caterers, photographers, etc. as soon as possible.

5. Consider an alternate date — after the first of the year — if you are getting a late start to planning.

6. Incorporate a charitable cause in your event. This can range from a canned food drive to a toy drive with a wrapping station (which then doubles as an activity for your guests) or even auction off things like a paid day off or a new office chair to your employees with the proceeds going to charity.

7. Event space selection: Make sure the venue has plenty of (preferably free) parking, a stellar audio-visual system to set the mood, and a flexible space to accommodate your group size, whatever it is. Visuals like the 360° screen and world-class sound system at Infinity Park Event Center make a big impact on your guests. Work closely with the venue on creative ways they can position lighting in the room to enhance festivities.

8. Decorations: Think about creating a theme for your party – it will make it easier to select decorations creating that festive atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

9. Food: Be sure to sample food from caterers before making your selection – ask your venue for recommendations. Venues like Infinity Park Event Center work with a number of caterers throughout the year and often have “favorites” they like to work with.

10. Consider adding party favors as a thank you gift for those who attended the bash. This won’t cost as much as doing a full-blown gift, and can be a nice token of the memorable party you host.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations or assistance from co-workers and vendors. Vendors are often happy to donate prizes to give away, and can often make recommendations or referrals that will make your party planning tasks much easier to handle.

What makes a venue unique?

Every venue has a list of features to offer, but what makes it the right fit for your event? At Infinity Park Event Center we encourage all our clients to start by preparing an “Event Planning Checklist” or “Event Scope.” An Event Planning Checklist will state the purpose for the event, the audience you want to attract and the promotional campaign you will launch to bring people to the event. Once complete, we find that document will tell you quite a lot about the venue you need. Perhaps it is one with indoor and outdoor spaces with varying capacity to serve multiple group sizes. Or perhaps you need an event space that offers one-of-a-kind production technology and an in-house crew. Maybe you are looking for multiple spaces for your event so that your guests can enjoy a wide variety of experiences. All of this information is quite helpful in not only finding the right venue for your event, but in fleshing out details from the beginning that will affect your budget as well.

The Infinity Park Event Center staff has experienced staff to assist in organizing successful meetings, conferences, exhibits, festivals, and fundraisers by taking unique approaches to be sure that the venue serves your purpose and that your patrons and guests have the best possible experience. And you also need to factor in some of the less glamorous features for a venue such as ease of load-in, catering amenities, parking, signage, etc.

Next, start searching the web for venues that fit your criteria. Does the site offer a video tour and a photo gallery to help you narrow your list? And, while a picture may be worth a thousand words, a site visit is worth a thousand pictures. Whether you are talking to us here at Infinity Park Event Center or another location, it will help the venue prepare for your visit by sending your Event Planning Checklist to them in advance and you will find the perfect spot for your next event. You can download the Infinity Park Event Center Event Planning Checklist form here.

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