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What makes a venue unique?

Every venue has a list of features to offer, but what makes it the right fit for your event? At Infinity Park Event Center we encourage all our clients to start by preparing an “Event Planning Checklist” or “Event Scope.” An Event Planning Checklist will state the purpose for the event, the audience you want to attract and the promotional campaign you will launch to bring people to the event. Once complete, we find that document will tell you quite a lot about the venue you need. Perhaps it is one with indoor and outdoor spaces with varying capacity to serve multiple group sizes. Or perhaps you need an event space that offers one-of-a-kind production technology and an in-house crew. Maybe you are looking for multiple spaces for your event so that your guests can enjoy a wide variety of experiences. All of this information is quite helpful in not only finding the right venue for your event, but in fleshing out details from the beginning that will affect your budget as well.

The Infinity Park Event Center staff has experienced staff to assist in organizing successful meetings, conferences, exhibits, festivals, and fundraisers by taking unique approaches to be sure that the venue serves your purpose and that your patrons and guests have the best possible experience. And you also need to factor in some of the less glamorous features for a venue such as ease of load-in, catering amenities, parking, signage, etc.

Next, start searching the web for venues that fit your criteria. Does the site offer a video tour and a photo gallery to help you narrow your list? And, while a picture may be worth a thousand words, a site visit is worth a thousand pictures. Whether you are talking to us here at Infinity Park Event Center or another location, it will help the venue prepare for your visit by sending your Event Planning Checklist to them in advance and you will find the perfect spot for your next event. You can download the Infinity Park Event Center Event Planning Checklist form here.

Community and the 4th

Stevie Crecelius
As we celebrate Independence Day in America I thought I’d take a moment to think about what independence means to me. Community. Americans wanted their own community and so they fought for it. The word community is derived from the Latin communis, things held in common. I cherish the community of family, friends and colleagues in my world.

Today, one way we see community in our lives are through the associations we form, join and nurture. Did you know that the United States has nearly two million associations? Associations were once known as guilds and later business leagues. A sense of community coordination is at the heart of the association profession. People voluntarily join associations because they want to work together on a common cause or interest.

America’s associations have deep roots in our history. This trend toward community coordination has shaped and advanced America since its birth and has historically set America apart from many other nations (although associations or non-governmental organizations are now growing in number internationally as well). While the complexity of associations and their role has evolved, today’s associations still share the purpose of coming together to produce positive results.

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July, whichever community you spend it with!

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