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multievent discountsLooking for an event space can be like looking for a house: You have a list of needs and a list of wants. Typical entries on these lists probably look familiar: Easy access for attendees, modern amenities and technology, the right sized space, a relaxing setting, an event center contact who returns your calls promptly, professional event staff, a reasonable price.

A typical outcome is this: On a good day, your needs are mostly met and anything you get from the list of wants is just a bonus.

There’s something out of touch with that expectation. For a couple bucks, you can customize a cheeseburger to your exact specifications. When you’re paying hundreds, even thousands of dollars, to host an event, you shouldn’t need to make sacrifices.


Why your company needs a teambuilding event

corp blog pullteamtogetherSome companies wonder whether a teambuilding event is worth the expense. Some employees dread attending teambuilding events. Here are a few reasons to go ahead and hold one:

1) Computers. Employees work on them all day. Have them look at something different for a change.

2) Email. It is a blessing and a curse. Teambuilding events force your employees to actually speak to one another. Have a conversation. Learn that there are real people behind those emails that get sent. Build camaraderie between co-workers. Heck maybe they’ll even like each other!

3) Value. Employees want to feel valued. And if you are willing to spend a few bucks doing something outside the office, that’s a good thing in their eyes.

4) A Change of Scenery. Pull your employees out of the office for the event. It’s amazing what some fresh air will do to spark some creative ideas.


Team Building and Company Picnics

Teambuilding collageIt’s February and with all the spring-like weather we’ve been experiencing, it has everyone thinking about spending time outdoors.  What better way to experience our great Colorado weather than to take your “business” outdoors with a team building adventure or a company picnic.

According to a recent article in the Denver Post, as the economy continues to improve, corporations are moving towards team building as a tool to engage their customers as well as improve communication amongst their management and employees.


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