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Event Venues that Stand Out

Weeknight events shine
Stand out. Our job is to deliver. Your guests will enjoy an event that stands out.

“Event Venues that Stand Out”

The power of first impression is an oft-studied phenomenon of the human brain. A quick scan of recent academic inquiries reveal the following:


Weeknight events shine

Weeknight events shine
Be the star of the show with weeknights discounts up to 40% off at Infinity Park Event Center. Some conditions apply. Contact us to learn more.

Weeknight events shine.

The weekend isn’t what it used to be. According to a 2011 survey in the UK, Thursday is the most popular day to go out on the town; more than 60 percent of all responders said they are most likely to go out on Thursday Eve.

When planning your next company event or party, consider taking that information to heart. While a Friday night event might seem a natural time to host an event, choosing instead to host on a weekday comes with a slew of benefits.


Slavens Auction a Success

Slavens Elementary School discusses the success of their auction event and why events are made easy at Infinity Park Event Center.

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