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Welcome to “The Blank Canvas!”

kim-lagaMy name is Kim Laga and I am the director of sales here at Infinity Park Event Center. I’ve been with Infinity Park for four years now and am amazed at the changes I’ve seen take place throughout the years. I’ve been through the growing pains of starting a new venue, but have always been impressed by the tenacity of the staff to make this event center adhere to the changes of the economy, the clients and the ever-changing technology. I’ve been with the staff since 2009, which says a lot for this industry. We are a team and we have strived everyday to make sure each one of our guests have the best experience while planning their event and the execution of the event.

This blog represents years of growth here, not only for myself but also for the event center. We want to share with you what we’ve learned, what is new and improving daily, and what trends may be out there in the event world.

I believe starting this blog, “The Blank Canvas,” should be with a topic that can make or break a venue: partnerships. This is such a large part of what we do here, and having great partners can be what makes an event go smoothly or require putting on a firefighter’s hat. I feel that we have established great partnerships here at Infinity Park. Most offsite venues have lists of caterers you must use, exclusive rental agreements and certain other vendors that are acceptable. We are an open facility that allows our clients to bring in a vendor that they may have a partnership with. (There is that word again!) We do have policies and contracts that vendors must sign, but this only protects our venue from damage and holds the vendor responsible for their actions. So, if you have a partner that you work with on your event every year and they give you a great deal, or just does a wonderful job on your event … bring them here, we welcome them and you!

This leads me to highlight one vendor. I was honored to be asked to the “chef’s table” in the kitchen of Catering by Design. My husband and I were treated to the most delicious five-course meal, and I must share this menu with you. Be prepared to have your mouth water …

Chefs Up Front Menu

Hors d'oeuvre

DUCK DUCK CHIP / duck breast bresaola potato crisp, plum duck confit


SHORT STACK / chestnut chive pancake, maple lacquer arctic char, ginger creme fraiche, vanilla caviar, black pepper pork cheek


SOUP AND SALAD / golden cauliflower soup, arugula salad, apple, raisin, almond curry vinaigrette, crispy caper, parsley oil


STEAK AND PASTA / prime sirloin tableside carve, handmade fettuccini, brown butter, thyme, grated cave aged gouda, crimini fig ragout


PANINI AND ICE CREAM / raisin toast, Nutella, brie de moix panini and mascarpone red beet ice cream, candied tangerine zest

By far, my favorite was the cauliflower soup. I replicated the soup at home, and it was a close second! It’s experiences like this that make me positive we have some of the best partners on our preferred list. We will always hold our partners to the highest standards to ensure that our clients have the best experience. Do you have a partner that you trust and love working with? If not, you should find one; it makes planning an event that much easier.

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