RugbyTown USA

Glendale Colorado

This is who we are.

At the heart of Glendale, Colorado, you’ll find Infinity Park — an indoor-outdoor complex that hosts year-round entertainment, dining, and culture, with a world-class rugby team as its crown jewel. Providing the heartbeat for this endeavor is a culture you won’t find anywhere else, one that’s welcoming, innovative, and full of energy. Those who are familiar with it know it simply as RugbyTown, USA.

The Glendale Raptors are the championship-winning pair of teams (men’s and women’s) who call Infinity Park home. But, as its name suggests, rugby is just the beginning. The onsite fitness facility is open to the community. The stadium’s field, seating, and neighboring practice field were designed to host recreation sports in addition to events as varied as outdoor movies, concerts, and private events. The top-tier Event Center provides an elegant setting for conferences, receptions, and more.

“Every great city in America features a location that serves as a central point of contact,” says Glendale Mayor, Mike Dunafon. “The possibilities are endless for the events that this complex can host. The single eight-block area in the heart of the city serves as a natural, unifying hub for all of the everyday community activities in Glendale.”

The Story of RugbyTown Rising

Building a legacy

With the completion of the stadium at Infinity Park under their belts, Mike Dunafon and newly formed Raptors organization had taken a big step toward incorporating rugby into the community.

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The dream becomes reality

The year was 1978 and fortuitous happenstance – some may even call it Fate – found Mike Dunafon on the Caribbean island paradise of Tortola being introduced to rugby.

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