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Be at Home with Hilton Garden Inn

Hilton Garden Inn

Summertime means travel time for millions of American families.

Some prefer beaches, relaxing by a pool or beach, and a cold drink in their hand. Some prefer exploring cities, keeping a schedule of places to go, and keeping notes about things they learn. Others prefer a blend of both. Regardless of where on that spectrum any given traveler falls, there is a point that everyone can agree with: a bad night’s sleep can put a damper on an otherwise great trip. Making sure every day begins on the right foot means the night before is critical. Barb Jackson knows this. Having worked in the hospitality industry for a decade, she knows what people want. It’s clear in the way she talks. One word keeps surfacing when she talks about what makes a good hotel: Home.

A hotel can’t compare to your actual home, but it should at least contain a few of the necessary ingredients for a restful night. She summed up the way she and her team approaches the job at the Glendale Cherry Creek Hilton Garden Inn this way, “We’re proud to be your home away from home, and we guarantee that you will enjoy your stay. Sleep deep in our comfortable beds with cozy white duvets and crisp linens. Start your day by eating well with a hot, cook-to-order breakfast, and end the evening with our dinner and room service.” In other words, when you’re traveling, you might get lost, the weather might not cooperate, or some other classic travel snafu will arise. But at Hilton Garden Inn, Jackson pledges you’ll never need to worry about the place you lay your head.

Those traveling for business will find the Hilton Garden Inn’s conveniences add to the comfortable, at-home vibe: Complimentary in-room Wi-Fi, remote printing, and ergonomic desk chairs. Hilton recently introduced electronic check-in to expedite the arrival process and doubled the Internet bandwidth available to guests to keep up with guest needs. Travelers of all types will find the fitness center’s cardio machines, weight training equipment, and indoor pool the perfect place to rejuvenate after a long day of travel. A testament to its commitment to ensure its facilities are top notch, the hotel is replacing every bed in the building and the patio furniture outside.

One of its best features isn’t in the hotel—it’s the site of the hotel, itself. Situated at 600 S. Colorado Boulevard, the Hilton Garden Inn is within minutes of downtown Denver, the Cherry Creek Mall, Glendale, and more. In addition to the onsite restaurant, which has a bar and a patio, CitySet restaurants give guests a world of food to choose from, from fish to a beer hall to Cuban to gourmet burgers and more.

Once you understand the emphasis on ‘home,’ the Hilton Garden Inn’s partnership with the Glendale Raptors and Infinity Park makes sense. “The people at Infinity Park really care about Glendale, and we have become an extended family,” Jackson said. She said they frequently recommend to their guests that they catch a rugby game while they’re in town. The welcoming, family atmosphere at Infinity Park is a great fit for those just visiting who are looking to spend some time outside the hotel, even more so if traveling with children. In addition to hosting fans, the Hilton Garden Inn frequently hosts visiting teams, and ensures they are rested and fed before each game.

When you distill the art of travel down to its essence, you find than it is an exercise in decision making. You intentionally place yourself outside of your routine and the places you’re familiar with, forcing yourself to make all kinds of decisions about how to spend your time. You end up thinking about basic human tasks that are usually on autopilot: “Where will I eat? Where will I sleep?” People love traveling because it is a way to grow, to discover, to learn. But, as any experienced traveller will tell you, you don’t want to mess with a good night’s sleep. Make sure the place you make your bed isn’t the place you discover surprises. Do your exploring outside. When you’re ready to call it a night, you’ll be ready to have a touch of home.

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