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FirstBank Sponsors Glendale Rugby

FirstBank Sponsors

Colorado’s second largest financial institution has partnered with Glendale, banking that the two local staples will continue to grow within the community. Colorado-founded FirstBank, one of the largest privately held banks in the country, with more than $18 billion in assets, was founded in 1963. Servicing over 115 locations in Colorado, Arizona, and California, FirstBank advocates and supports financial literacy and environmental stability, offering electronic statements, billing, and banking, as well as Junior Achievement in Colorado to facilitate personal financial understanding. In addition to those accolades, the local staple has joined Infinity Park in ushering in the future of American rugby.

Tayler Mitchell is a Colorado native and banking officer with FirstBank, beginning her career in finance at the company’s original location near West Colfax Avenue and Miller Street, in Lakewood. She later transferred to the Glendale branch, working to expand the bank’s community outreach on a general scale. Handling commercial and consumer lending, managing the Glendale location, and overseeing customer and community development, she wears many hats. Asked about partnership with Infinity Park, her answer is immediate, direct, and resolute: “We thrive on the local. We want to be tied into the community in every way possible: where our kids go to school, volunteering, with local sports.”

In the United States, banking institutions are categorized by the amount of assets they hold, that amount determining the extent to which they are federally regulated. Banks holding more than $10 billion in assets are considered large scale, so FirstBank, while remaining a local, regional financial servicer, is federally ranked with internationals like Wells Fargo and US Bank, among others. This community-focused distinction is what makes FirstBank’s partnership with Glendale so impressive, and so appropriate. Each side of that partnership represents a seemingly small footprint, but packs quite a punch: FirstBank with holdings that contend with much larger institutions, and Infinity Park, situated on just eight city blocks, delivering internationally recognized rugby greatness.

Mitchell notes that FirstBank has a major community presence outside of sponsoring Glendale’s extensive rugby programming: “The bottom line is that we’re a local bank and we care about our community. We work with the Denver Rescue Mission, the Pepsi Center, refugee youth, and Habitat for Humanity – just to name a few. Being a sponsor at Infinity Park was a no brainer.” Employee-owned, a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and an Equal Housing Lender, FirstBank offers something to meet any Coloradan’s needs. In spite of the bank’s large-scale capacity, however, it remains grounded in its long-time local roots. Mitchell explains FirstBank’s “Banking For Good” philosophy: “We are a community bank,” she says. “Our employees walk over to watch the Glendale fireworks at Infinity Park every year. We go to Monday Movies. We come to the rugby games and cheer on the teams. Yes, we are a bank, but we are people and part of this community too. That’s the most important thing.”

In addition to kicking off the second season of the sport in a professional capacity with Major League Rugby in 2019, Glendale’s Raptors have made an exciting expansion to one of the only American Academy-level programs in the country, attracting multi-sport athletes from across the country. The amateur and divisional Merlins teams add even more depth to Glendale’s rugby, not to mention youth programs and community events. Partnering with FirstBank isn’t just an opportunity for both brands; it’s a marriage of Colorado staples with long histories and bright futures.

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