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Glendale’s Hampton Inn & Suites a model business

Hampton Inn and Suites

You don’t always need a focus group, a customer survey, or a consulting firm to tell you what your customers are thinking.

Sometimes, you’ve just got to ask them. That’s the approach Annie Ransome takes at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Glendale. “I always ask our guests why they choose to stay with us.” Ransome has been the Director of Sales at Hampton Inn & Suites for a year. The answers she receives focus on various positive elements. “Time and time again, they say they love our people, our location, our clean rooms, and the value they get in staying with us. We offer a complimentary hot breakfast with alternating items, a grab-and-go breakfast for those that don’t have time to sit down, free Wi-Fi, and parking.”

Hampton Inn & Suites lies at the corner of Colorado Boulevard and Kentucky Avenue. This prime location puts it within walking distance of a bevy of dining options and Infinity Park. It’s minutes away from Cherry Creek and just a few miles from downtown Denver. That easy access to some of the nation’s top dining and entertainment is one of the major selling points of Hampton Inn & Suites. Once inside the hotel, however, that high-paced excitement is replaced with a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere. At Hampton, guests are surrounded by ‘real’ team members offering friendly, authentic, caring and thoughtful service. Ransome said she and her team prides themselves in creating a place to go to, not just through.

One way Hampton Inn & Suites creates a place where guests will feel a sense of arrival and belonging is by engaging in the surrounding community. Doing this creates partnerships that lets Hampton Inn & Suites—and, by extension, it’s guests—feel plugged in and connected. One partnership is with neighboring Infinity Park. Rugby fans travelling to Glendale for a Raptors game or tournament enjoy easy access to the stadium with the front gate being a few minutes’ walk from the hotel.

Hampton Inn and Suites

Infinity Park and its Event Center also mark a resurgence in Glendale being a destination. People travel to Glendale to take advantage of its dining and entertainment options, as well as its central location to the Denver area. “We appreciate the creative way the City of Glendale is drawing an international crowd to our town, which boosts business for various companies in the area,” Ransome said. “We love the amenities the Sports Center, various activities, youth camps and free movie nights offer to residents as well.”

Hampton Inn & Suites, like Glendale, has found that the ability to respond to changes in consumer demand is one of its most valuable assets. In the past few years, the options and preferences in the hotel industry have shifted. “Hotel guests have become very savvy shoppers,” Ransome said. “They now have many online tools as well as mobile apps to research hotels and destinations, as well as find services such as transportation and dining. Tripadvisor and online travel companies with their sophisticated software and significant marketing campaigns have shaped travel choices. Also, guests are starting to look more for experiences instead of just the transaction of buying a room. Airbnb capitalizes on this, among other things, and it is certainly a market disruptor.” Ransome said Hampton Inn & Suites and its parent company, Hilton, has responded by increasing the rewards it gives to loyal members through its rewards program, HHonors. People who travel frequently appreciate the consistency and reliability Hampton Inn & Suites can offer, not to mention the likelihood that a Hilton hotel stands in countless locations throughout the world. By keeping an eye on and responding to trends both local and global, Hampton Inn & Suites is not just a model hotel: It’s a model business.

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