Glendale, Colorado – also known as RugbyTown USA – is starting a new road to rugby with the development of the RugbyTown National Training Center (NTC). The first initiative is a crossover academy opening up the doors for U.S. athletes who are ready to take a chance, be seen and train for a professional rugby career.

As the proud home of the United States Men’s and Women’s XVs teams, the mission of Glendale in the rugby landscape has always been to develop and train U.S. rugby players, grow the sport of rugby in the U.S., and to help the national team win the Rugby World Cup.

The RugbyTown Crossover Academy is designed to do just that. It is a scouting event aimed at elite athletes looking to transition and make rugby a career.

The RugbyTown Crossover Academy has been in development over the past few months by Glendale’s team of professional coaches and director of rugby Mark Bullock who has a long history of high-level rugby experience in the U.S. and in Colorado.

“We felt like it was finally time to do what we have always wanted to do,” said Bullock. “There are a lot of very talented athletes who make it to the college stage and either miss the pros or are cut from the professional ranks. We think that these crossover athletes have high potential for a career in rugby.”

The Academy is an invitation-only five-day camp that will help teach crossover athletes the game of rugby. RugbyTown NTC is currently recruiting athletes who exceled in football, basketball, wrestling , track and field, and various other sports.

There are many college athletes who want to continue a professional pathway forward. The RugbyTown Crossover Academy provides these athletes the opportunity to learn something new and use the athletic skills that they already have to excel and play at a professional level.

The first academy training will take place in November 2020. Interested athletes can reach out to director of rugby Mark Bullock or manager Peter Pasque for more information and to see if they would qualify for the camp.

Mark Bullock, Director of Rugby                              Peter Pasque, Manager                               
303-639-4710                                                             303-618-7882

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